Dedicated to developing and educating the whole child!

Rae's mission is to help ensure that children have the opportunity to be children and that child development guides all of our practices with them. Whether you work or live with young children, these courses will help improve their lives (yours, too!) and their education!

"I find your courses to be informative and up to date with the times."

- Cathy Cossette, Owner, New Horizons Preschool

"Loved it all and the resources offered."

- Kelley Glore

Your Instructor

Rae is on a mission to ensure that children have the chance to be children and that child development guides all our practices with the little ones.

She is the author of 22 books, including the Moving & Learning Series, the award-winning Acting Out!, and bestsellers What If Everybody Understood Child Development? and What If We Taught the Way Children Learn? Rae has shared her expertise with such groups as the Sesame Street Research Department, the Head Start Bureau, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and state health departments, resource and referral agencies, and school districts throughout North America. Internationally known as a speaker, blogger, and online course creator, Rae is most proud of her fierce defense of childhood.

Trusted for more than four decades in early childhood education, Rae has been called a gift to educators and a blessing to children and their caretakers.